So I have been secretly wanting one of these YSL Arty Ovale rings. 


But I'm not going to lie, I thought they were a little much at first....pretty big.  But at the same time I was still intrigued.  With that wide gold band, it is kinda like a cuff for your finger.  The placement of the stone threw me off too but I was digging it.  The stone almost sits down over your knuckle because the band doesn't go the whole length of the ring. And let me tell you, this ring is EVERYWHERE on every blog and every streetstyle snapshot.  It's almost overkill.  But it grew on me.  At first it was like "oh there's that cool ring again" and then all of the sudden it became "ohhhmygawd there's that ring that I HAVE to have."  But $250??? WOOF. (Sandlot, yes.  Born in the 80s, child of the 90s. GREAT combo)

So then I found THIS ONE (also YSL) for $195.  Oh, have I mentioned Gold + Turquoise = LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Same idea, same color combo, NOT the same price....$55 LESS!  Better but still muy expensivo.  SOOOOOOOOOOOO yesterday I was trolling this new blog I found, The Blonde Salad, (weird name, right? Well check out the header.....even weirder. But it's a legit blog, I promise) and guess what I found:


TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! A knock off of the YSL Arty Ovale ring! WOO! I mean it's practically the same dang thing!  The stone is obviously fake turquoise (you can tell from those "veins" running through it), but otherwise looks pretty legit.  I also know it's legit because this Italian Blonde Salad blogger girl who was wearing it A) has her own SHOE LINE and B) owns another YSL ring from this same season/collection (you can see the other one HERE).  Also, for crediting purposes, HERE is the original outfit post where she was wearing this knock off.

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYY guess what the price is on this one???? ONLY THIRTY DOLLARS!!!! Cha-ching! I'm so pumped.  Definitely going to get this baby.  You can too, I guess, if you want.  Here's the website: The Chains of Love****  Don't you love it?! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

****UPDATE**** The Chains of Love is no longer carrying this ring, but you can get it at La Dama instead!  Same ring, no worries! :)

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