Etro F/W 2012




Not a huge fan of this funky ear cuff thing, but I love the dark color tones of the metals used in this jewelry.  I think using oxidized silver instead of bright silver gives this jewelry just a little but of a serious dark side.  The collar necklace on the right is KILLER and I think the rhinestone hinged ring is another fabulous piece.



Christian Dior F/W 2012



These major statement necklaces from the show at Christian Dior F/W 2012 almost look like part of the clothing, they were so perfectly styled and made with just the right color palette.  They are also a necklace you could DIY with some big teardrop shaped stones and some pretty silk cording.......hmmmm......



Moschino F/W 2012




Always fun and playful at Moschino! The quilted cuff is probably my favorite piece here, but I  also love the black and white enameled pieces that look like they are studded with little pearls.  So cute and girly!



Bottega Veneta F/W 2012




These are some of my favorite pieces in this post!  Where to begin?  The studded cuff is just the right amount of punk, and the sphere cuffs seriously ROCK MY WORLD.  Also, please note the double double cuffs.  The same cuff on both wrists is one thing, but the (same cuff x 2) x 2 blows my mind! I love it!  That necklace UNDER the collar and over the sweater is also quite stunning and a rather intricate piece of metal.  Lastly, the ring & bracelet in the final 2 photos are on the more feminine side with the checkered cut stones, but they are BEAUTIFUL colors and overall fabulous pieces.  Well done, Bottega Veneta! 



 Yves Saint Laurent F/W 2012



Not a huge fan of these wrapped calla lilly pieces (they look like spray painted wire stemmed floral flowers from Michael's), but the cuff with the fabulous enameling and that single stud in the middle of the glass is so cool.  I'm gonna go ahead and bet those cuffs are going to be the next YSL Arty Ovale Ring.



Givency F/W 2012


HOLY HOOPS!!!!!!!!!! I thought the ones at Blumarine were big, but these take the cake!



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