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I have a couple addictions.  One is jewelry (hope you've figure that out by now), and the other is sugar.  Cookies, cakes, candy, ice cream, smoothies, soda, pies, tarts, crumbles, cupcakes, macaroons, etc etc etc.  Sugar is it's own food group in my personal food pyramid, and pretty much any sweet is my favorite food (minus black licorice.....BARF!).

And what better time to load up on the sweets than the holidays, when binge eating is pretty much guiltless (until Jan 1st when you finally get back on the scale)!  Here are some delicious looking sugary holiday treats paired with some of my favorite Sutton Lasater Jewelry pieces to add that perfect holiday sparkle! 

cw_hot_chocolate cw_01

cw_macarons_02 cw_02

cw_christmas_oranges cw_03b

cw_sugar_cookies cw_04

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Once again, some brilliant mind has taken the outrageously expensive and brought it straight into your price range!  Australian based jewelry company Wanderlust & Co, has knocked off some pretty iconic jewelry this time....the Cartier Entrelaces collection!  Here's the real deal:







Aren't they just beautiful?  I have been wanting the single Entrelaces ring FOREVER, but just can't justify $1,025 for a skinny little ring (even if it is Cartier).  So imagine my excitement when I found Wanderlust and their fabulous jewelry and their Cartier knock-offs! 





Obviously the quality just won't be the same, but you can't beat it for the price ($25 for the bracelet, $22 for the ring!).  And even though the bracelet isn't quite the same style as the real thing, I think I like the Wanderlust "Cartier knock off" version better.  It's a hinged bangle so it will sit close to your wrist, not flop around all over the place like a non-hinged bangle.  I think I'll take the bracelet AND ring in gold please! :)

Also, they have this beautifully dainty infinity necklace that is so sweet and pretty.  I'll take one of these too! :)


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I love the dreary winter day look in this editorial for the December 2011 issue of W Korea .   The blues & whites get me in the perfect wintry mood....ready for ice & snow.   Because how can you say no to an amazing winter storm? I for one, don't mind being stranded in my house with a roaring fire, a cup of hot chocolate, some fun wool socks, and a fabulous movie (of course I'm romanticising it a little but, but it's still pretty fun!)

But as much as I love the wintry theme, I'm not sure how I feel about Hailey Clauson in this editorial....usually love her but these pics make her look like a frozen ice zombie.  Must've been what they were going for. I mean, she IS wearing crowns of spikes & safety pins.  So I guess a little dark goth never hurts an icy wintry scene haha

And besides....the jewels in this are stunning.  Every piece in the title page is amazing.  How about that oval diamond ring? Fabulous!









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