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In light of the BIGGEST shopping weekend of the year, Sutton Lasater Jewelry is participating for the first time in Small Business Saturday.

We are offering all you customers 15% off your ENTIRE purchase!***  JUST ENTER "shopsmall" at checkout.

AND don't forget.....If you shop with your American Express card, you can earn a $25 credit on your next statement. Here's how it works:

1) Register your American Express card

2) On Saturday, November 26th, use your American Express at Small Businesses and spend at least $25

3)  On your next billing cycle, you will get a $25 credit towards your statement

I am SO SO SO excited to be a part of SBS this year! What a great way to support small businesses in your own local community.

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 ***does not include bridal jewelry


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THANKSGIVING IS TOMORROW!!!! YAY!!!! I hope you all have a fabulous and special Thanksgiving with your family & friends.  Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday....Just eating and napping and football and fires.  What more could you possible need?!

And this year, with this new metallic food spray, your Thanksgiving can be extra sparkly and whimsical.  I would just suggest spraying it on something like dessert instead of the turkey.  This golden turkey just looks a little funky, that's me crazy but I'm a little picky about the color of my meat.  But then again, how could I resist posting a golden turkey on a jewelry blog?  I mean seriously, gold stuff is right up my alley.


And after you all stuff your faces and are revived from your 2-day food comas, don't forget to pop on over to our shop on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!!! (Saturday, November 26th)  We will be giving all shoppers 15% off on SBS! Just come back on the 26th to find the code and get shopping! Can't wait! 

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Did Target invent the world of designer collaborations or what?!  And I'm not talking Missoni!  Way before Missoni there was Thakoon, Proenza Schouler, even RODARTE! But now I am sad!  Because now that Target did Missoni, which was HUGE, people are going to be aware of all the other fab collabs that Target does.  Am I going to have to stand in line at 7am for items from future collections?! My secret is no longer a secret! :(

ANYWAY, with other collaborations popping up all over the place (Versace x H&M, Lulu Frost x J.Crew, Toms x The Row) I have discovered (with the help of my good friend Sarah who actually emailed this to me haha) another designer collab that I am equally thrilled about:

Ranjana Khan for The Limited!

Now let me say this:  I am not a huge fan of The Limited.  Their clothes are a bit boring for me and it kind of bothers me how everything is so color coordinated when I walk in there.  BUT.....with this new collaboration, I might be stopping in to see these jewels for myself.

Ranjana Khan is known for her use of Indian inspired shapes and design and detailed embroidery in her work.  Her jewelry is sold at upscale department stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, & Saks Fifth Avenue.  Her pieces are inspiring, timeless, and beyond unique.  I always love her use of color and stones. 

Here are some of her current pieces (photos via




As you can see, she has a pretty distinctive (and beautiful and AMAZING) style. 

Every time I hear of a designer & big box retailer collaboration, I get worried about the quality & design of the product.  I'm always afraid the original designer's vision may get lost in designing with another retailer.  Despite my worries, I'm usually impressed with designer collaborations and how well the designers stick to their own aesthetic, and this one is no exception.  Below are pieces from the Ranjana Khan for The Limited collection, and they don't disappoint.  These pieces still provide the punch and glamour of her signature line.  Take a look (photos from HERE):




See what I mean?  Still beautiful, still her aesthetic, and still amazing! The price range is $69-$120 aka TOTALLY affordable.  The pieces that I showed you are the ones that I liked most, but there are 16 pieces in the collection. 

Kudos to The Limited, and here's to hoping for more great designer collaborations! Cheers! :)



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