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I LOVE ELEPHANTS. Yes, yes I do.  They are huge and majestic and insanely smart and loyal and loving and I wish I had one as a pet.  I think part of my love stems from the fact that I inherited my Great Grandpa's collection of elephants....and also maybe the fact that he actually OWNED an elephant? 

My Great Grandpa owned a zoo in St. Joseph, Missouri and besides his elephant and other zoo animals, he claimed to have the largest collection of reptiles & amphibians in the world.  Lots of great stories stem from the zoo including:

1.  Great Grandpa's elephant fell on him and broke his leg

2.  He has a roller skating chimpanzee named Vicky Lynn

3.  He had cobras and one of the workers was bit and the air force had to fly anti vemon to the zoo

My Great Grandpa's love of snakes was passed down to my dad who loved catching snakes as a kid, had boa contrictors, and even had a little Caiman Alligator as a pet that lived in the upstairs bath tub, briefly escaped, and then chilled out in the freezer when it died and before it was taxidermied. 

T.M.I. about my crazy family? Just trying to keep my ramblings interesting :)

ANYWAY.....did I mention that I love love LOVE elepants?  What's even better is when they are incorporated into jewelry! Here are some recent faves:







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HEY HEY HEY EVERYBODY!  How's it going? I hope you all had a great week! And to op it all off, I have some EXCITING news for you all!  Next Saturday, November 26, is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!!!  I am SO SO SO excited to be a part of SBS this year! What a great way to support small businesses in your own local community.  I love this growing idea of going local and supporting people in your own community who are brave enough to start their own small business. 

Small Business Saturday is sponsored by American Express (and a whole bunch of other supporters) and is a great way for you  to support local small business, but also GET SOMETHING IN RETURN AS A CONSUMER!!!!

"What exactly is Small Business Saturday," you might ask?'s how it works:

1) Register your American Express card

2) On Saturday, November 26th, use your American Express at Small Businesses and spend at least $25

3)  On your next billing cycle, you will get a $25 credit towards your statement

Now isn't that a GREAT deal?!?!  Sutton Lasater Jewelry will have a special running NOV 26TH ONLY so make sure you stop by our shop and check out our special deal. :)

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When I grow up, I feel like I'm going to be one of those ladies that wears entirely too many pieces of jewelry, still has big hair, and wears bright and flamboyant outfits.  Why stop having fun just because you're not a little PYT anymore?!  Plus when you're older you can get away with being "that crazy lady."  Doesn't quite work when you're's creepy, not cute.

When I saw this Sophisticated Lady, I thought "OMG that is TOTALLY me when I'm that age!"  No "grandma" haircut, crazy big jewelry, & a leopard caftan?!?!? YES, PLEASE.



I think she looks just AWESOME.  Isn't she beautiful?!  Plus she has a beautiful smile and looks like she is having FUN!  Which to me is the key to not only a happy life, but a long life.  Don't take it too seriously! Have fun and enjoy every day you are given! :)

I've also started following this great blog ADVANCED STYLE.  It's all about older women and their fashion sense.  Might seem odd at first, but its a great blog featuring some beautiful women.



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