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Things I love (doens't include ice cream or teal, so this list is neither all inclusive or a "top 6" list. Obviously):

1) Arizona Muse
2) Jewelry
3) Paris
4) Emeralds
5) Laughing
6) Classiness (don't know if that's a word, but it is now!)

Now after reading that list, I hope you understand why I am IN LOVE with this editorial featuring Arizona Muse in the October 2011 issue of Vogue Paris. Her laughter, the amazing jewels that are undoubtedly worth more than my life, and the utterly classic French vibe are keeping my eyes glued to these pics.  Love it all!











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In case you've ever wanted a necklace from the Cartier Evasions Joailleres collection, but lack the funds to buy your own (personally, "price upon request" generally means out of my price range) have I got some good news for you.

Lookie what I found over at Bauble Bar:


And here are the Cartier versions AKA the REAL DEAL:


Is that a Cartier knock-off or what?! Not sure how I feel about the green beads, but it's a pretty good replica if you ask me.  The cool thing about this Cartier necklace is that it's probably not recognized by your average person on the street. So if you buy the knock-off, people aren't going to think it's a knock-off because they won't recognize it's Cartier-looking anyway.  They'll just think it's a cool necklace!

Plus, to ease your "knock-offs support the practice of child labor in 3rd world countries" fears, this knock-off isn't being sold on the street corner.  It's being solg by a legit online jewelry retailed. No drug cartels involved here, thank you very much.


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Hello blog followers! I hope everyone is having a spectacular Thursday!

We are in the middle of St. Louis Fashion Week over here, and I am a big supporter of this event so I've been going to all the shows and I am LOVING it!

Tonight is a personal appearance by Rebecca Taylor at Saks and I am realy looking forward to it.

Anyway, just a friendly reminder to please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Help us get the word out!


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