I saw this image the other day on one of the blogs I follow, Curly in the City, and had to share it here.


Taylor from Curly in the City is going through something I deal with ALL THE TIME.  There are so many things that I need want but are out of my price range.  A lot of these out-of-my-budget products on my lust list, have copy cat versions popping up on websites all over, but are the imitations actually just as good as the real thing?  

Plus, a lot of the "real" versions have back stories that make them more special.  Taylor talks about the Cartier Love Bracelet story in her post, so go get the full scoop.

I have wanted the Cartier Love Bracelet for FOREVER, but now that this WAY less expensive option has been brought to my attention, I might need to go get is ASAP. But then again it's not really the REAL THING! P.S. The real version is currently going for $5,575. UGH, #firstworldproblems.

You can read Taylor's full post about her Cartier Love Bracelet dilemma HERE and I would definitely suggest to follow her blog on a normal basis.  Taylor is down to earth, has great style, and always has a good variety of interesting posts. So check her out!



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